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Update on Dubai (MENA) region startups and funding

Hello Folks, it’s been a while, since I took to blogging my thoughts. Dubai is one of the places I love to frequent, both as a traveler and as an investor. While experiencing Dubai is a mesmerizing trip in itself, getting a hang of its flourishing start-up environment is an altogether unique and refreshing experience […]

Random Musings

As I caught my breath after a few weeks of hectic pace – for both BVG and me personally, I thought about penning in a summary of key events of 2015 and a brief look forward to 2016. 2015 – phew what a year it was! Whether it was the stock markets gyrating to Feds rate […]

Analysis of Angel Investment in the MENA Region

 Howdy?  Happy 2016 – I was fortunate to attend the @SWDubai15  in Dubai in late November’15  and was very impressed with the entrepreneurial energy and talent which was showcased there. I met amazing folks and in discussions with a few folks got inspired to collect data regarding the startup and angel community in the MENA region […]