What is Capital Mind?
If you wanted to know about Capital Markets, Macroeconomics or Trading, Capital Mind is the place. We provide detailed in-depth analysis through visualization of publicly available data.

Capital Mind Brings You:
Macroeconomic data and charts: We are one of the only sites in India to show detailed information on the macro picture, including RBI action, Interest Rates, Inflation, GDP and IIP.
Demystified concepts: If you don’t know what the Repo rate means, we’ll ensure you do. Regular readers will constantly see information distilled from the esoteric levels in stuffy press releases into what is easily understood. (We would have added “by a fifth grader”, but we know fifth graders and they are so not interested.)
Market Metrics and Analytics: You’ll see the markets analyzed in different ways. Advance/Decline ratios, Volume analysis, Rupee movements, Market wide indicators and so on. We provide some charts that hardly anyone does: Like Nifty EPS charts, Indexed adjusted for inflation and Dividend Adjusted Returns.
Stock Investigations: We go very in-depth into stocks when we analyse individual stocks. The concept of five year forward estimates are for textbooks; we focus on the stuff we believe matters more – sentiment, potential for fraud, sector growth and momentum.
Policy Recommendations: We don’t know if we directly influence policy but many of our recommendations and investigations have been followed by changes in policies. For instance, we railed about why the Pre-Payment Penalty should be removed, and it was soon removed. We talked about how companies abused ESOP trusts by lending them money to buy their own shares, and that was soon stopped.
You can also subscribe to Capital Mind Premium, where the analysis goes to an even deeper and more actionable level.
Website: http://www.capitalmind.in/