BVG – Change of Guard!

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Yeps that right folks – its time for change of guard at BVG – starting tomorrow Monday, May 15th 2017, Dr. Deepak Kotak (dk@contrariandoc) is taking over as MD of BVG & all the Investment decisions for our new fund.

Ok – I didn’t get fired (real news not fake newsJ) As we are closing the launch of our new fund with a different mandate so the timing is appropriate.

This has been in the works for sometime and the BVG Advisory board finally accepted my recommendation last week that we bring Dee on and help shape the direction & future of BVG.

BVG was started a few years with the goal of helping entrepreneurs get access to angel/seed capital & mentorship & guidance. Most of the folks are not aware that we are self funded and have refused OPM a few times as we continue to evolve, learn, expand and help the entrepreneurs bringing ideas to life. Happy to report that we have had our fair share of success, losses & the pipeline we have is robust & we might have a big one in the smallish portfolio we have. More importantly, we believe that we have contributed, helped, influenced the folks we have met in many ways other than just our angel investments and $$.

Why now?

I want to spend more time at home and less traveling as we got blessed with a little angel earlier this year. I plan to go back & do another corporate gig for a few more years.

We started with a tech/fintech mandate fund in 2012. We feel that getting into advanced bio-tech agri-tech, ai, SMDD tech is the direction; we want to open the second fund mandate for. I believe Dee is so much better equipped to lead this turn as he has the right background and passion to get us where we want to be. Here is a brief intro to Dee & his expertise.

I will be incredibly privileged to support Dee in whatever manner I can and with the guidance of BVG Advisory Board (John, @DeepakShenoy) – I am sure Dee will take BVG to new heights.

Lastly a Big Thank You! To Everyone. Bricks & Bouquets welcomed :)


Raghu https://twitter.com/BlackstoneVG