2015 – Start with a Bang! CapitalMind

We are pleased to announce that late March, we led a syndicate of US and Indian investors to close a seed round investment in CapitalMind based in Bangalore, India.

You can find out more about this deal here , there and a few other places.

Why CapitalMind?

Capital Mind is on a quest to bring new age financial analytics to their readers, subscribers and partners related to macro-economic events, policy changes, market metrics, individual stocks/bonds offerings capturing the storyboard about India.

  1. India has the largest single stock futures market in the world.
  2. The size of the Indian Equity market is about ~ $1.7 Trillion (in market cap) while the GDP is a bit higher @ ~ $2 Trillion.
  3. Volumes in Derivatives have gone up more than 4x
  4. Retail participation in the equity and derivatives markets is more than 20%.

Source: Who else but the incredible team @CapitalMind

The last decade has seen the market cap go up around 2.4x while the GDP has gone up correspondingly by 3x. This has led to humongous amounts of data being pushed out there related to macro-micro economics, market statistics, companies data, policy impacts, but yet very little has been done to harness the power of the information available and bring it to the investors in India.

The data hungry investors (both the average Joe on the street as well as the Institutional folks) are looking not only at the blobs of data but more importantly at the interpretation of this information overload.  Can someone collect, massage, analyze and distill this data in an easy to understand format?

Why Now?

Capital Mind’s Mission is targeting this market space and serving an unfulfilled need which is reflecting in their 30% growth in paid subscribers since inception (3Q 2014) and have great UAR metrics in all their soft launches and beta offerings.

We have been tracking the trajectory of Capital Mind from its inception days and always wanted to be part of the growth story. However we wanted to be as diligent as we could and also ensure that the team led by @DeepakShenoy would get much more than $$ with this investment. With that thought, we pulled the trigger and are very happy to have done so.

They are not sitting on the pile of cash they raised or the laurels garnered and are hiring aggressively, so if you or someone you know is interested in joining a hot new financial analytics startup in B’lore, India– do send your applications to jobs@capitalmind.in.

Thank you for your support and patience. As we grow our portfolio selectively, we are making some changes to the website and also engaging with social medial more directly.  I am more active on twitter nowadays – so you can follow me @BlackstoneVG (yes I do need more followers & RTs☺).

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have questions or comments. I can be reached via email.