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BVG – Change of Guard!

Yeps that right folks – its time for change of guard at BVG – starting tomorrow Monday, May 15th 2017, Dr. Deepak Kotak (dk@contrariandoc) is taking over as MD of BVG & all the Investment decisions for our new fund. Ok – I didn’t get fired (real news not fake newsJ) As we are closing the launch of […]


First Time Entrepreneurs/Founders raising funds, Please do Read !

Entrepreneurs, Founders – This is a repost of the Linked In Article I did a couple of months ago! A quick post for all the first time #founders/#entrepreneurs especially in #ASIA, #MENA, #LATAM markets and who are on LI seeking #angels #investing #seed #preseed and have approached me and/or other investors. Disclaimer: This my personal […]

Markets – A Swing Story of 2-Days (Investments)

Hello Folks, what an interesting year so far. We have Unicorns, Stock market crashes and central bankers now playing the roles of Super Heroes and everyone wondering about the Co-Relation between the stock market gyrations and Start Up – VC funding. I decided to write about this and the implications for the startup world but […]