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Growth Equity as a Distinct Asset Class

Guest Post by Dr. Dee Kotak Friends, here is the first guest post in a series of guest posts by BVG Board of Advisors and without further ado…here we go.. —————————————————————————————————– Hello Friends, Raghu had asked me a while ago to think about a guest post for the BVG readers and I had recently been assessing […]

Top 3 Reasons Angels & Entrepreneurs Walk Away from Deals

It is 11PM on a Friday night.  You just got off the phone with your lawyer and all the paperwork is in order.  The Board has given you 24 -72 hrs to pull the trigger.  You have spent last 3-6 months getting it to the finish line.  Yet come Monday the deal didn’t go through? […]

BVG Board of Advisors: Introduction

Hello again! How is everyone? It’s been a while since I got time to get my thoughts together for a post. I wanted to take this moment and briefly introduce the current members of the BVG Board of Advisors.  They are phenomenal people, and they each add so much value to the Blackstone Valley Group […]