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Feet on the Ground

  Hello Friends!  Today, I would like to introduce you to a little something at Blackstone Valley Group that we like to refer to as our “feet on the ground” approach. This statement speaks to one of the few basic tenets we model BVG work culture as we interact with entrepreneurs, fellow investors and professional […]

5 Key Entrepreneur Attributes We Look At

As Angels/Seed Investors the mantra which comes to bear by lessons learned.  No matter how great the idea and the opportunity, at the end of the day it is only the execution that creates change and generates wealth, which explains why Angels/Seed investors bet on the jockey (people) more than the horse (idea).  At Blackstone […]

P.S to First Blog Post

This small note is an addition to my first blog post and is a result of my readers asking me to showcase some of the metrics being used by Investors to look at the BIM (Brazil, India, Mexico) markets. BIM Risk Metrics Country  Govt. Bond Ratings Local/Fx CurrencyRating Adj. Default Spread in Basis Points Total […]